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8th-Nov-2013 07:52 pm - BPTP group order update
faery winged
The good news: Our massive Black Phoenix Trading Post order has arrived!!

The bad news: We have some missing items :(

Okay, here is where we stand:

mspixieears and sylvie6 - your orders are fine, so I will send them out tomorrow.

windfury - your order is missing the Lightening Storm Halloween hair gloss. Also, the Sudsy She Wolf bath oil leaked a fair bit :( I am going to send everything else to you, including the BPAL you ordered, and will send the hair gloss on separately. I'm sending what's left of the She Wolf bath oil but will ask for a replacement and send it with the hair gloss.

taralphiel - your order is missing the Port Royal soap and Embalming Fluid soap. I will send the tshirt and all the BPAL you ordered tomorrow, and send the soaps separately when they arrive.

daisybliss - your order is missing the Silkybat hair glosses. I will send everything else to you by express post as requested this weekend, and forward on the hair gloss when I receive it.

My own order was missing 2 atmo sprays, and a tshirt. I will email Puddin, though from the forums, he is away until Monday 11-November, so hopefully I will get a response and an ETA early in the week.

We received a lot of frimps and other bits & pieces, so I have divided all of those up and put them into your parcels.

I am so sorry that not everyone is getting their full order yet - I will keep following it up with the Trading Post, and mail them out as soon as I receive them.
I will message you all separately too, with this info, in case you don't see it on here.

4th-Nov-2013 10:06 am - BPTP group order update!
carousel : those painted horses
A long awaited update - our BPTP order has finally shipped!
I am hoping it will arrive next week, but I will let you know. I have the postage satchels etc all ready to go, so as soon as it lands I will be able to send it off to you all the next day.

Due to some financial sticky times, I've decided to put some nicer decants up for sale. All are full decants from my own carefully stored bottles, with hand printed labels. Feedback history can be found under this username at BPAL.org and Ebay. I'll be cross posting this, so first come, first served, though as I am decanting from my own bottles with varying levels, there are some I may be able to do multiples from, so if you see something you really would love but it's crossed off, let me know and I can tell you if I can squeeze extra decants out. (I've priced these in US$ for internationals in the other places I've crossed posted, but given the exchange rate is pretty much on par at the moment, prices here are Au$).

Fetish Goth $8
Vamp Goth $7
Romanti Goth $7
Gothabilly $10
The Girl $12
Misericordia $4
Tombeur $4
Leather Phoenix $6
MB: Closet $6
Banned in Boston $6
Gun Moll $7
Infernal Lover (clear, no musk version) $10
Infernal Lover (red musk version) $5
Mircalla $5
Aged Snake Oil- four years old (three two available) $8
Velvet Unicorn $8
Velvet Dogs Playing Poker $5
Velvet Nudie $5
A Bold Bluff $5
Wezwanie/Hold $6
El Amore La Muerte $6
Lucifer $6
The Orchard $6
Raven Moon 09 $5
Black Temple Burlesque Troupe 09 (original release) $5
Lick it One More Time $5
Smut 07 $5
Hideous Heart $5
Gingerbread Poppet 07 $5
Womb Furie 10 $5
Schwarzer Mond 08 $5
Poton Metre $5
Khrysee $5
Overprotective Possessed Talking Doll $5
Feeding the Dead $5
Dreadful Lies $5
Comforting Plush Companion $5
El Dia Del Reyes 07 $4
Cake Smash $8
Egg Nog Latte $7
Sprinklecake $4
Boomslang v2 proto $7
Miskatonic University v3 proto $6
CD: Misfortune Teller v3 proto $6
Amerterasu v2 proto $5
Banshee Beat $5
C Auguste Dupin $5
Black Lace (original release) $8
Black Death $4
Black Heart $4
Red Lace $4
Halloween Las Vegas $6
Conservatory Tableaux $5
Antikythera Mechanism $3
Ether (discon) $4
Succubus (discon) $4
Riding the Goat $5
Doc Constantine $5
Pulcinella and Teresina $4
Mme Moriaty (aged four years) $6
Boomslang (aged five years) $7
Marianne (discon) $6
Torture Queen $4
Pickled Imp $4
Theodosius the Legerdemain $4
Bed of Nails $4

Worldwide shipping from Australia- parcels within Australia are $3, anywhere else in the world for $6.50 (airmail of course. Registered or express shipping available on request, but can get pricey for internationals). Your decants will be wrapped in bubblewrap and posted in a sturdy slim-line cardboard box for the best protection. Paypal only for international buyers (all types are cool) , but if you're located in Australia I can accept bank transfers also. Any questions, just let me know!
23rd-Oct-2013 02:37 pm(no subject)
Hi all, my bpal isn't getting much love these days. Does anyone know if there is a buy/sell/swap page on fb for the bpal goodness?
3rd-Oct-2013 07:59 am - BPTP group order reminder
butterfly girl : where she goes when she
Just a friendly reminder that I will be placing the BPTP group order tomorrow night, so if you want to join in, please let me know what you'd like!

9-Oct - Order finally placed. I'm so sorry for the delay in placing it - I had a gift certificate for the Post, but there were some issues with using it that I had to get Puddin to resolve. All good now though!


... I am not coping with how epic the Black Phoenix Trading Post Halloween update is!

I will be running a group order for this as well, and again, I am hoping we will reach the free shipping threshold. So if you have been wanting to order from the Post but been hesitant about the shipping costs, please jump in & save some money!

I would like to order on Friday 4 October, but am open to negotiation if you're waiting on a payday or something like that.

Shipping from me to you will start at $7-$11, depending on what you order. If your order is really heavy (lots of candles, for example), it may be more (but still cheaper than ordering from the Post). If you joined in with the Lab group order placed the other week, I can combine shipping.

So let me know if & what you'd like to order!

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19th-Sep-2013 07:00 pm - Reminder!
butterfly girl : where she goes when she
Just a reminder that I will be placing the group order at the Lab tomorrow! So let me know if you want to join in.
13th-Sep-2013 10:00 am - BPAL group order!
Updated 20-Sept - Order has been placed!

The BPAL Halloween update is live!

I am running a group order, and would like to order by Friday September 20, so if there is anything you want from the Lab, let me know!

I will also be running a group order when the Trading Post update goes up, so I am happy to combine postage if you order from both. I won't charge for shipping from the Lab as my order is quite... large... so it will just be postage costs from me to you (starting at $7.00 for just bottles, more if you order from the Trading Post).

So let me know if you would like to jump in!

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5th-Sep-2013 09:30 pm - Group order for Halloweenies
butterfly girl : where she goes when she
Just thought I would flag that I am happy to run group orders for both the Lab and the Trading Post once the Weenie update/s have gone up - I am pretty confident we could reach the free shipping mark definitely on the Lab order (I've already got quite a list of non-Weenies to order!), and we could aim for the same for the Trading Post.

I'll post a proper group order thread on here when the updates have gone up, but just letting you know in advance :) My understanding from the forums is that there will be a Lilith birthday update this week, and then the Weenie update next week (speculating it will be on Friday 13!)

4th-Sep-2013 10:36 am(no subject)
Is anyone doing an order soonish? I have something i'm looking to order next time ones happening.
8th-Jun-2013 07:09 pm - First dibs on bottle cleanout!
my diabolical plan has come to fruition
So, tragically, my boss's allergies have put a big crimp in my bpalista lifestyle and as such some bottles must find themselves new homes. Postage is $6, and I frimp pretty generously as I have a huge collection of imps that I need to move out to new homes! Otherwise I'm just going to have to throw them out, because their existence in my flat makes me sad.

I'm pretty negotiable on price too, so let me know if you want me to cut a deal.

The list lies below!Collapse )

I am also interested in buying wand caps if anyone has any!
23rd-May-2013 01:37 pm - Mass Destash
Alex // Looking Good
Hello, long time no smell :D

I recently unpacked a box after moving house a year ago, and found another stash of BPAL I'd forgotton about. I figured if I'd not missed it for a year, it was probably a sign I could part with some of it, so after much deliberation and re-sniffing just to make sure, I made a list, checked it twice, and am offering it up for sale :P

Everything is negotiable. Postage will be $6, unless you want registered or express. Pick-up is available from Sydney Olympic Park during the day, or other Inner West locations out of business hours. Paypal, bank deposit, cash or body parts accepted.

Bottles, soap, imp packs and moreCollapse )
15th-May-2013 06:31 pm - DISO Cernunnos
Hey guys,

I have a friend who's going through exams, and has run out of Cernunnos, her favoured concentration blend.

If anyone has any to spare, I would love to throw money at that <3 Thanks, guys!

16th-Apr-2013 06:03 pm - Surprise sale! (x-posted)
So, my cat was diagnosed with diabetes last weekend after we took him in to get a UTI checked out. He's going to be OK, but he needs to go to the vet once a week for around about the next month, to check the curve of his bloodsugars and adjust his insulin dose. This is not an inexpensive venture >.< Combined with the fact that I've had almost a year of bottles building up between my last sales post and now, I think it's about time for me to go big!

I can do Paypal and/or bank deposit. Prices are in $AU. Shipping is $6, unless explicitly stated otherwise, free shipping with purchases over $30. Purchases over $50 will be registered on me. And of course, buy more, and I'll cut you some sweet deals! Strikethroughs are pending.

So many different things I don't even- bottles, some rare imps, bath and massage oils, non BPAL stuff... the list goes on!Collapse )

Thank you for your attention!

29th-Mar-2013 10:12 pm - More Annoying Bumps (Sorry!)
Ebay items ending soon, less than 24 hours. Still at good prices.


If you're wanting to combine shipping with anything on my sales page, let me know and I can do so for the one price.
26th-Mar-2013 12:13 am - Speccy stuff on Ebay!
I've listed the slightly more special bottles I have for sale on Ebay. Five day auctions, scents include Snake Oil aged for four years, MB: Underbed v1 proto, Infernal Lover, Siberian Musk Single Note, Spanked Res and Badgers.

Happy to combine post with anything you buy from my sales page for the one flat price (I've yet to post Kitten Morag's parcel and Sresla's parcel, so if you want to bid on something and would like to combine postage, just let me know and I can hold off on posting. Otherwise I'll have them posted in the next day or two if I don't hear otherwise).

Ebay auctions are here http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/lilacea/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25
Oldskool Ski Monster

If people are interested, I'll run it here. If not, that's totally cool, I'll run it from my personal journal.

Cocaine is one hell of a drug
I've not been active in the BPAL community for a long time due to allergies which mean I can't wear any perfume. I couldn't bring myself to sell anything, hoping I'd kind of...get over the allergies, but I think that 2 years down the track means I have to accept it and send my smellies to a loving home instead of being locked in a box. ;;
Because I've not been active for so long, I'm not sure if any of the rules have changed. please let me know if I've done something against the rules!

Feedback: Chicien_Zombies@ Ebay
Shipping from Melbourne
Postage not included- will only send to Australia.
Special prices if you're buying 2+!!

Read more...Collapse )
Hey guys!

With the next order coming up sometime, I'm looking for someone to help me complete my RPG collection by splitting a pair of Bards, Druids or Clerics with me, as I need Male Druid, Female Bard and Female Dwarf. I'll be happy to pay for shipping to you from whoever's running the order, and I'd basically be in your debt forever <3

21st-Jan-2013 08:18 pm - Peer review time!
My Body Hates Me
Hey guys,

It looks like everyone's packages arrived safely, hooray! In light of this, I have a serious question I'd like to ask.

I'm not sure I'm up to scratch with the turnaround time with my group orders and decant circles, and I'm concerned that the actual quality of my services there aren't holding up. Y'all know that I'm a sick little Morag, and I sure as hell know that delays and order mix-ups are heavily affected by my day to day ability to handle shit.

I want to keep doing this. I love the fuck out of it, and out of helping people get their dose of things that smell nice. I'm just not sure that I should be. Please don't take this as a cry for attention or butt-patting, I'm actually kinda concerned that I'm just not providing enough support here, and wanted to give you guys the chance to voice your thoughts.

If I do keep it up, I'm going to need to do something about shipping, as well. Through my own fault, I ran at a serious loss from this last order. I'm going to work out a set of shipping rates before next order, and run those past you guys.

Welp, that's it from me. I love your feedback, even if it is 'you are doing everything wrong', so please, speak your mind <3

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