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Perfume Destash - Nocturne Alchemy, BPAL, Violette Market, Wild Hybrid, Possets  
21st-Feb-2016 11:00 am
It's been a while since I've been here, but I'm still selling off my perfume stash.

Postage to Australia: $2 for samples and $8 for bottles.
Postage to the US: $3 for samples (if it fits into a letter mailer) and $14 for bottles.

Any other internationals, let me know where you are and what you are interested in and I will do a postage quote for you.

Payment by paypal to: cherry_blossom301@hotmail.com

  • BPAL GC imps and LEs

  • BPAL Sugar Skull and Agape bottles

  • Possets samples and bottle

  • Blooddrop Veil

  • Violette Market State Fair decants & bottles

  • Nocturne Alchemy/Vapothecary bottles & samples (lots of them)

  • Wild Hybrid bottles and samples

Check out the full list here.

If you're interested in anything, feel free to comment here or on the original thread.
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