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BPAL SALE: Sugar Skull, Agape, Sweet and foodie LE's and GC Imps.  
19th-Oct-2014 09:33 am
I've made an update to my BPAL sales list with the ones below. Let me know either here or on the post if you are interested in anything.

Postage to Australia: $2 for samples and $8 for bottles.

Payment through paypal. Prices are listed in USD.

SALE: Get any 6 imps for $10! Only applies to those $2 or below.

BPAL GC Imps: These are all tested slightly and have varying fill levels of at least 3/4. All are $2 below unless otherwise indicated.

Euphrosyne - Gardenia, tea rose, vanilla and jasmine.
Vice - A deep chocolate scent, with black cherry and orange blossom.
Jailbait NEW!
Yemaya NEW!
Iago NEW!
Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat NEW!
Shoggoth NEW!

BPAL LEs or Discontinued - $4 unless otherwise stated and at least 85% full.

The Ghost $3
Winter Morning
Golden Wave
Pink Snowballs 2011
Red Lantern
Halloween Las Vegas
Tattered Lace
Durian Fruit Infused Honey with Brandy
Beaver Moon 2010 1/2 full $3.50
Lilith vs the Giant Crab $3.50
Mlle. Lilith, Fortune Teller $3.50

BPAL Bottles: prices as marked

Sugar Skull - A blend of five sugars, lightly dusted with candied fruits. Full to just under neck $18
Agape - carnation, apple, sweet pea, vanilla cream, passionfruit, sugar cane, tonka, and guava. 60% full with wand cap $12

Full Sales List
- feel free to combine your shipping with anything there. Contains Arcana, Possets, Blooddrop, Nocturne Alchemy, Vapothecary and Wild Hybrid scents: http://jubilee88.livejournal.com/1129.html
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