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Any interest in a TAL group order/decant circle? 
4th-Feb-2014 02:15 am
Hi all.

I've been meaning to order from www.twilightalchemylab.com for a while, and figured I may as well gauge interest for a group order or decant circle.

I'll probably combine it with an order from the TAL etsy shop, but not BPAL to keep it simple (unless I need something more to qualify for free shipping which at US$500 is unlikely.)

I need to do some research on the particulars of cost etc. I don't even know what kind of payments my paypal account can accept as I've never done this before!

At this stage I am looking at getting from the general catalogue Lionheart, Nocturne, Energy and Peace.

Maybe Crown of Success, Anthelion, Determination or Healing also from the GC, and possibly Fortitude, Cooling, Attraction or Quick & Dirty Money Draw from the etsy shop.

According to someone on the forum who asked Beth directly at the Oct/Nov Will Call, there was supposed to be a TAL update mid-December, but obviously it didn't eventuate. But I'm not sure I can hold out any longer. (I'll definitely be going ahead with my order even if no one else wants to tag along.)

So, is anyone interested in joining me?
3rd-Feb-2014 09:17 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I'd love to jump in & order a bottle of White Light, if that's okay? I've been meaning to order one for months, but couldn't justify the shipping cost for just one bottle.
4th-Feb-2014 02:06 pm (UTC)
I'd definitely be interested in a bottle but more likely decants or go halves with someone on a few bottles? :)

(Gem / mspixieears on LJ/BPAL.org in case my username doesn't come up through the mobile site)
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