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Anyone want my Silkybat hair gloss? I NEED CALLIDORA!! 
20th-Dec-2013 06:56 pm
Would anybody like to swap their bottle of Callidora perfume oil, for my Silkybat hair gloss? Or sell me their unloved bottle of Callidora?

I bought two bottles of Silkybat, but it's just not for me. What I should have done is bought 732 bottles of Callidora! So if you bought Callidora and don't love it - please let me know! If you're not interested in the Silkybat as a swap, I would be happy to buy your Callidora (or I have loads of other BPALs I could swap, if there's something you're after).

20th-Dec-2013 11:52 am (UTC)
Oh no!! After all that waiting - such a shame that Silkybat is just not for you :( But I agree with your love of Callidora - I very nearly put in another BPTP order for backups of both Callidora and Bloodbath, but talked myself down (here's hoping I don't regret that decision!) it is truly an amazing and pretty much perfect scent.
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