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20th-Jan-2017 02:32 pm - Mango Destash xx
Hey guys,
Having a big de-stash (broke at the moment).
They are all mainly sexy/mystical scents that I tend to go for, and I can personally attest to their powers!
Price: $30 the lot plus $7 shipping.
5ml bottle of Kabuki (full to approx shoulders)
Imps Approx 3/4 full
Centzon Totochtin
La Petit Mort
Macchu Picchu
Has No Hanna
Full imps
Snifter (empty bottle)
Follow Me Boy
PM me if interested <3
16th-Oct-2016 01:42 am - ISO: your sales.
Ok people, I'm in the mood and financially able to get back into BPAL again, and I'd love to buy local, so hit me up with your sales posts. It doesn't matter whether it's on fb, LJ, the forum or whatever.
It's been a while since I've been here, but I'm still selling off my perfume stash.

Postage to Australia: $2 for samples and $8 for bottles.
Postage to the US: $3 for samples (if it fits into a letter mailer) and $14 for bottles.

Any other internationals, let me know where you are and what you are interested in and I will do a postage quote for you.

Payment by paypal to: cherry_blossom301@hotmail.com

  • BPAL GC imps and LEs

  • BPAL Sugar Skull and Agape bottles

  • Possets samples and bottle

  • Blooddrop Veil

  • Violette Market State Fair decants & bottles

  • Nocturne Alchemy/Vapothecary bottles & samples (lots of them)

  • Wild Hybrid bottles and samples

Check out the full list here.

If you're interested in anything, feel free to comment here or on the original thread.
24th-Oct-2014 01:21 pm - Phase 4 of Mila's destash!!!
Hey guys,

Phase 4 of my BPAL mega destash is now on Ebay! :-) I'm in the US, but yes, I ship to Australia.

Here's what's listed:

LE Imps:

Cake Smash
Graveyard Dirt (2005!)
A Howl In The Darkness
Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal
Christmas Eve in the Counting House
Cykranoshian Catnip
Chaste Moon
Dark Delicacies
Donna Con Ventaglio
Common Jezebel
Cup of Death
Candy Phoenix
Couple Consulting an Enpon
Dark Chocolate and Pepper Smoked Caramel
The Gibbous Moon
Harikata (I)
Possets Haute Love (ginger & chocolate)


Voyeurs Among the Cherry Blossoms
Hollywood Babylon (aged)
Pink Mood
I Married a Vampire from Planet X
Pink Snowballs
Harigata II
Tattered Lace
Plague Doctor v13

Plus 2 aged GC imp packs!

Phase 3 still has 2 days to go, with lots of sniffies & L.E. bottles.


I've made an update to my BPAL sales list with the ones below. Let me know either here or on the post if you are interested in anything.

Postage to Australia: $2 for samples and $8 for bottles.

Payment through paypal. Prices are listed in USD.

SALE: Get any 6 imps for $10! Only applies to those $2 or below.

BPAL GC Imps: These are all tested slightly and have varying fill levels of at least 3/4. All are $2 below unless otherwise indicated.

Euphrosyne - Gardenia, tea rose, vanilla and jasmine.
Vice - A deep chocolate scent, with black cherry and orange blossom.
Jailbait NEW!
Yemaya NEW!
Iago NEW!
Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat NEW!
Shoggoth NEW!

BPAL LEs or Discontinued - $4 unless otherwise stated and at least 85% full.

The Ghost $3
Winter Morning
Golden Wave
Pink Snowballs 2011
Red Lantern
Halloween Las Vegas
Tattered Lace
Durian Fruit Infused Honey with Brandy
Beaver Moon 2010 1/2 full $3.50
Lilith vs the Giant Crab $3.50
Mlle. Lilith, Fortune Teller $3.50

BPAL Bottles: prices as marked

Sugar Skull - A blend of five sugars, lightly dusted with candied fruits. Full to just under neck $18
Agape - carnation, apple, sweet pea, vanilla cream, passionfruit, sugar cane, tonka, and guava. 60% full with wand cap $12

Full Sales List
- feel free to combine your shipping with anything there. Contains Arcana, Possets, Blooddrop, Nocturne Alchemy, Vapothecary and Wild Hybrid scents: http://jubilee88.livejournal.com/1129.html
I have made a huge update to my sales list by listing most of my collection up for sale! I was addicted to buying perfumes for a long time, until I realised that I didn't use a lot of them.

Complete List of eTailers includes:

BPAL - GC and LEs
Possets - GC and LEs
Blooddrop - some Halloween LEs and other general scents
Violette Market - State Fair 2012, Diablo Canyon, and others
Nocturne Alchemy - heaps of Forum Exclusives, Limited Editions, Bastet's Garden scents
Wild Hybrid

I am an Aussie based seller with lots of positive feedback on ebay, BPAL forum and on my thread.

Postage to Australia: $2 if it fits into a small letter mailer or $8 for bottles.

Check out the full sales list here.
22nd-Sep-2014 12:58 am - looking for daisybliss
Halloweenie: Boo by Batness
Since this is the Australian bpal comm, I'm hoping that some of you have a way of contacting daisybliss that's not through here at LJ or through the bpal forum boards. Those routes have been tried, w/ no result. :( Email, snail mail, ph #, anything, to let daisybliss know that the bpal forum ( bpal.org ) has been back online for a while and that she's very much missed over there. You folks, please come over and join in the fun, esp. in the 'Weenie stalking thread. :)
10th-Jul-2014 02:28 pm - Ebay Auctions- Ending Soon!
Less than 24 hours to go on the bottles I shifted to Ebay. Still quite a few with no bids, and most at very low prices still, so you're likely to nab a bargain. Five year old Snake Oil, pristine and unused is still at $15!

Shipping for as many auctions you win is the one flat Australia Post price. I'll happily combine post from anything on my sales page also.

Check it out.


Live Journal Sales (variety of Etailers)
4th-Jul-2014 03:32 pm - Lots of BPAL and Other Etailers

It's been four and a half very sad months since we lost Lilith, and I miss him so much every single day. Even though I lost my best friend, his final (and very large) vet bill is still with us. At the moment we're paying in installments, and at the rate we're paying it's going to take over a year to pay off, and we aren't in the best of circumstances as it stands. I'm only working one day a week due to my "breakdown" after Lilith's death that landed me in hospital for a couple of months, and that sort of roster will be ongoing for a while until I'm deemed fit to work regular hours.

So, should anyone wish to help with the vet bill, I'm humbly accepting donations of any amount, no matter how small or large, through the Go Fund Me site. Please feel free to share it if you want to.

Alternately, if you wanted to ensure it went to the vet bill directly, payments can be made directly Vet Pay (http://www.vetpay.com.au/) via direct deposit. Please Message or email me if you want their details.

Thank you to all the people who have helped, it's meant so much.

Buying something from this page will also help immensely.

Sale Starts HereCollapse )

4th-Jun-2014 06:58 am - Critters are at the Trading Post!
Hey all.. the critters are back at the Trading Post!


Is anyone thinking of ordering? I don't want a critter, but I reallyreallyreally want the perfume oil that's just been released...

Coconut pulp and vanilla cream with lemon balm and Mexican lime.
Limited to 100 bottles.

If anyone is ordering and would be OK with adding on a bottle for me, please let me know asap! I suspect the 100 bottles will run out pretty quickly, but I'm happy to organise a group order if we can do it super fast and hit $500 for free shipping.
Hi everyone,

I am clearing out my perfume stash and have many perfumes from different etailers to sell, including: BPAL, Possets, Nocturne Alchemy, Violette Market, Haus of Gloi, Blooddrop, Wild Hybrid and more.

Shipping will be $2 for perfume samples if it fits into a letter mailer, otherwise it will be $6.60 for samples.

Special offer: 6 imps/perfume samples for $10!

Payment made by paypal to jeannc.wong[at]gmail[dot]com

Click here for my updated sales list.

29th-Mar-2014 07:02 pm - Indie Perfume Sale on my blog
angry dominatrix
Hi Aussie BPALers,

I'm having an indie perfume de-stash sale on my blog to make way for being able to buy new things without guilt. Feel free to have a look if you're interested - there's a bit of BPAL, some Solstice Scents, Possets, Twyla, Arcana and more.


Hi all.

I've been meaning to order from www.twilightalchemylab.com for a while, and figured I may as well gauge interest for a group order or decant circle.

I'll probably combine it with an order from the TAL etsy shop, but not BPAL to keep it simple (unless I need something more to qualify for free shipping which at US$500 is unlikely.)

I need to do some research on the particulars of cost etc. I don't even know what kind of payments my paypal account can accept as I've never done this before!

At this stage I am looking at getting from the general catalogue Lionheart, Nocturne, Energy and Peace.

Maybe Crown of Success, Anthelion, Determination or Healing also from the GC, and possibly Fortitude, Cooling, Attraction or Quick & Dirty Money Draw from the etsy shop.

According to someone on the forum who asked Beth directly at the Oct/Nov Will Call, there was supposed to be a TAL update mid-December, but obviously it didn't eventuate. But I'm not sure I can hold out any longer. (I'll definitely be going ahead with my order even if no one else wants to tag along.)

So, is anyone interested in joining me?
12th-Jan-2014 05:45 pm - Decluttering: mostly free BPAL
prohibition sucks
Okay so! This probably sounds a bit sketch, but I have too much BPAL, I have to declutter, and my options at this point are giving it away or throwing it away. So I thought, before I throw it away, I offer it to you ladies for the cost of me mailing it to you (though if you want to toss in some additional money, that would be very cool of you). Pretty much the only thing I'd be interested in swapping for now is Yvaine and I have no hope of getting even an imp of that, so eh, let's let these babies go.

Postage will be a flat rate of $9, and I will pretty much be loading up the packages with as many imps as I can stick in, because I have far too many of those.

BOTTLESCollapse )

Please help me declutter! Also if you know of anyone selling or wanting to swap Yvaine, please let me know.
31st-Dec-2013 12:08 pm - Update on yule group order
Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Yule/Christmas.

I just wanted to touch base with people about the Yules order. They have arrived, but due to the whole New Years holiday thing I won't be shipping them out until the 2nd (this Thursday). So keep an eye out for them next week!

I hope everyone has a fabulous new years :)
Would anybody like to swap their bottle of Callidora perfume oil, for my Silkybat hair gloss? Or sell me their unloved bottle of Callidora?

I bought two bottles of Silkybat, but it's just not for me. What I should have done is bought 732 bottles of Callidora! So if you bought Callidora and don't love it - please let me know! If you're not interested in the Silkybat as a swap, I would be happy to buy your Callidora (or I have loads of other BPALs I could swap, if there's something you're after).

carousel : those painted horses
For windfury, taralphiel & daisybliss...

Most of our backordered items arrived with my Yule order on Monday night; windfury and daisybliss, your items were FINALLY mailed out yesterday. taralphiel - I am so sorry, I am STILL waiting on the soaps :( Puddin included a note this time, saying they are still backordered and will be a few more weeks. I will keep following him up & let you know when they finally ship.

I am so sorry this order has taken so long to resolve. It's been really hard getting answers or ETAs from Puddin, and I feel really bad that it's been such a waiting game for everyone :(
7th-Dec-2013 05:24 pm - BPTP Halloween group order update
butterfly girl : where she goes when she
This is an update for windfury, taralphiel & daisybliss...

First of all, I'm sorry for the delay in updating, but the short story is - I'm still waiting for our backordered items :( I emailed the Trading Post the night we received our order, and he said he was hoping to have most things the following week, except for the soaps. The soaps would take a couple more weeks, but he thought he would be able to send everything else in a week.

Well nothing had arrived by last week (end of November), so I emailed him again, and he advised he is still waiting on the soaps (which will still be another few weeks away) before sending the rest out. I have asked him to ship everything else in the meantime, but haven't had a response to that yet.

So we are still waiting. I am SO SORRY - I feel absolutely horrid about this. I will keep following up with him on when everything is going to be sent, and let you know.

Hi all!

I meant to post this a bit earlier in the week but time got away from me, I'm a teacher and it's end of year reporting time for me :<

Anyway, reports have been written, so now I can have a life again, and obviously that means BPAL. I'd intended to order this weekend but I suspect that it will be sometime next week given how late this post has been in going up. If you need me to hold off a couple of days please let me know and we can sort something out.

If you're still interested in adding bottles (or anything else) to a group order please let me know here. I'd like to keep track of everything in one place. If you could also let me know your postcode so I can use the Aus Post postage calculator to work out your postage that would be awesome. I'll then get back to you with the cost and payment details.

The free shipping limit seems to have already been met, so your postage cost will just be from me in Brisbane to you in wherever you are. Frimps will be divided up amongst people who order.

Order DetailsCollapse )

EDIT: order placed 13.12.13
23rd-Nov-2013 06:51 am - Yule group order?
Heya all o/

So everyone has a BPAL update they look forward to the most, and mine is Yules. I love, love, love BPAL's snow note.

Anyway, I always do an order early - mid December, and thought I'd ask here to see if anyone wants to piggyback onto it this year. I'm a hoarder and planning a pretty big order (sup Skadi), so it seems pretty likely we can/should hit free shipping, even if only one or two people just want to add a bottle, which means you'll just be paying postage from me (in Brisbane) to you.

Right now I'm looking at ordering on the weekend of the 6-8th December. If you'd like to join in please let me know and I'll start working things out!

You're welcome to tack on any lab stuff, not just Yules of course.
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